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  • KH Medical opens new and expanded headquarters in Pyeongtaek!

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  • We are excited to announce that KH Medical has relocated to a brand-new office building in Pyeongtaek, as of March, 2021.

    Our growth in the past years has prompted the need for a larger space where we can continue to expand and grow our business, and reach every corner of the globe to develop and advocate for equal access to healthcare.

    The modern 2,000 square meter office building contains separate production facilities for both our immunoassay and molecular diagnostics endeavors, a research and development center, and a bright office and conference room space to accommodate our employees as well as guests.

    Our new office is now located in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, in South Korea. Gyeonggi Province is home to many of Korea’s leading companies and is the driving force of Korean industry and innovation. Our previous location in Hanam will continue to be used in our company as an additional production facility.

    KH Medical offers multiple products and solutions to improve global health. We utilize our innovative molecular and immunology techniques to produce disease diagnostic and extraction kits, concentrating on developing countries around the world.


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