KH Medical in the International Symposium on Global Health Security Agenda(GHSA) hosted by USCDC and KOICA !

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KH Medical participated at the International Symposium on Global Health Security Agenda(GHSA).

The GHSA Symposium was hosted by KOICA and US CDC in Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel from 27th to 28th August 2019.

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On Day 1, KH Medical's CEO Mr. Adam Hong presented our product portfolio as Speaker and Panelist on PPP session.

He highlited the Mission of KH Medical which is To Empower every single person on the planet with Equal Access to quality Healthcare.

He also presented the UniKoReader Immunoassay analyzer and the LOAA Dr. PCR as a solution to improve the healthcare system in LMIC.

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During the Panel Session, he mentionned about the "Negociation between Customers and Manufacturer".

He said that not high sensitivity or good Limit of Detection is the only key, but also the Easy of use of product or storage conditions are very important in LMIC,

so, we need to negociate with the customers to have "Not only High Performance product, but also Affordable Product for the country".

On Day 2, KH Medical had a Booth with our Innovative Extractor, RADI Prep Plus, the smallest dPCR system, LOAA Dr. PCR and UniKoReader, the immunoassay analyzer.

Many participants visited our booth and were very interested about the whole portfolio of our innovative products.

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