RADI 2019-nCoV Detection Kit succesfully submitted in Korean CDC

KHMEDICAL 2020.02.05 16:09 hit 1522

RADI COVID-19 detection kit.JPG

We, KH Medical developed the Detection kit for 2019 Novel Coronavirus following the notification of Korea CDC and was submitted for evaluation.
The RADI COVID-19 Detection Kit is an in vitro diagnostic medical device, based on realtime RT-PCR technology utilizing reverse-transcriptase (RT) reaction to convert RNA into complementary DNA (cDNA).
It is intended for the presumptive qualitative detection of nucleic acid from the COVID-19 in upper and lower respiratory specimens. The assay is for use by a laboratory professional trained to use real-time PCR in a laboratory and for research use only.

Our goal is to contribute this Global Emmergency Outbreak situation as a solution provider for the improvement of the Global Healthcare System.

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